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Enjoy the 'Truchet Tiling' with your own patterns.

'Truchet Tiling' is the way that makes you create some interesting patterns with the simple design and the simple algorithm. In th...

1 Mar, 2022

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My loving Processing must get over the p5.js drawingContext!

You can easily make your 'p5.js' sketch rich by using 'drawingContext'. I'm mostly using 'Processing'. I'...

28 Sep, 2022

Creative coding : Trying to make a composition with the code.

I've always made a 'Centering' composition with my creative coding. And I wanted to grow out of the same old composition style....

3 Sep, 2022

Creative coding color study : SORTING / SEQUENCES

If I wanted my creative coding works to look beautiful as artwork, they should have a suitable arrangement of colors. But it's not eas...

24 Aug, 2022

Making a Moire patterns with big holes (p5.js).

I made Moire patterns with the punchboard. Can I make Moire patterns with big holes like punch holes? Let me show you the making of the M...

30 Jul, 2022

The guide for the 'KUMALEON Coding Challenge'.

It's an unofficial guide for the 'KUMALEON Coding Challenge' . I wrote this for the people who want to attend with the 'p5...

25 Jun, 2022

An example animation using setTimeout() function.

I made an animation including stop-motion with the 'p5.js'. Let me show you this simple method.

30 May, 2022