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My loving Processing must get over the p5.js drawingContext!

You can easily make your 'p5.js' sketch rich by using 'drawingContext'. I'm mostly using 'Processing'. I'...

28 Sep, 2022

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In admiration of Robert Delaunay.

Robert Delaunay is one of the pioneers of abstract painting. He left us with various fine artworks, and I love them. Robert Delaunay, 193...

19 Feb, 2023

L-system trial code made with p5.js

I was encouraged to try drawing some shapes with the L-system by the article by Gin (@gin_graphic) san . 【p5.js】L-systemで木を描く - ギンの備忘録 An...

8 Jan, 2023

My artwork made by copying "4900 Colors" by Gerhard Richter.

Mr. Gerhard Richter is considered a master of modern art. Let me show you my artwork made by copying his work with my p5.js/Processing code.

19 Dec, 2022

Creative coding color study : Gradients

I've been impressed by the sight of the morning glory. Many colors weave complex gradients minutely and capriciously. How can I draw th...

16 Dec, 2022

'saveGif()' the p5.js animation GIF generater.

The 'saveGif()' is the function that generates an animated GIF of your p5.js sketch. I feel 'Processing' is much easier ma...

9 Nov, 2022

Hand-drawn canvas with Processing/p5.js

Are you tired of using a square canvas in your creative coding? So I would like to make a hand-drawn canvas with Processing/p5.js. I refer...

20 Oct, 2022