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Making a Moire patterns with big holes (p5.js).

I made Moire patterns with the punchboard. Can I make Moire patterns with big holes like punch holes? Let me show you the making of the M...

30 Jul, 2022

The guide for the 'KUMALEON Coding Challenge'.

It's an unofficial guide for the 'KUMALEON Coding Challenge' . I wrote this for the people who want to attend with the 'p5...

25 Jun, 2022

An example animation using setTimeout() function.

I made an animation including stop-motion with the 'p5.js'. Let me show you this simple method.

30 May, 2022

Just click and save! How to record your 'p5.js' animation in mp4.

You may want to publish your 'p5.js' animation works on Twitter etc. But how? I'll describe the simplest way to record the &#3...

10 May, 2022

Draw lines between nodes that are placed on the circumference.

The 'Node Garden' is the one of simple techniques of creative coding. It creates a beautiful pattern with a simple code. I made ex...

7 May, 2022

Creative coding on Turing pattern.

It's an article that describes the creative coding with the 'p5.js' and the 'Processing' to create the unique and myste...

1 Apr, 2022