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I want everybody to use my code. And I think it's my great honor if you create your work based on my code. But things never go our way nowadays, you know.

So, this is a declaration of the terms under which you can use my code. This declaration is subject to change without notice.



You can use the codes on this site under the terms of the license. I use GPL mainly, and I showed near the code what kind of license I chose.

Under the GPL license, you can use my code for almost anything you want except for an inhumane purpose. You can use my code to create your own works. You can earn money using my code also. But you can not make the code proprietary. Code must be free. (not as in free beer, as in free speech)

If you use my GPL license code and you wrote your code based on it. You should share your code if someone asks to show your code. You don't have to host your code on the net to share all the time. But you must share the code if someone asks to.

Licenses - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation
Philosophy of the GNU Project

And I want to ask you some when you use my code besides the terms of the license. I want you to credit me for your work. 'Creator of the original code' or 'Based on the code of' or something. If you plan to make money (NFT etc.), I ask you to give me some share.


I want everybody to use my code a lot. I think code is my work, code is the very my art. I believe that the best way to appreciate the art of code is to use it, not just to read or think about it.

Thank you.


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