What is #つぶやきProcessing?

What is #つぶやきProcessing?

'#つぶやきProcessing' is the hashtag on Twitter. And this hashtag express that it has short (under Twitter limitation) source code and that result.

You can see these on @TweetProcessing.
There are many cool Processing codes. They post tweets with not only Processing Java mode but Python mode, also p5.js.

There are many code shortening techniques and are many visual effects that you'll stare in wonder.

Originated in Japan.

'つぶやき' means mutter in Japanese. And it also means tweet on Twitter, too.
They pronounce it like 'Tsu bu ya ki'.

The founder of '#つぶやきProcessing' hashtag is @Hau_kun.
He said 'つぶやきProcessing is a challenge that creates art with Processing under one tweet text length limitation'.

He said 'I'm dreaming of Sir Daniel Shiffman would post to this someday' in Processing community Day Tokyo 2020.
I believe that will come true soon.

Processing Community Hangout Japan #03.

Processing Community Hangout Japan featured #つぶやきProcessing on Aug/30/2020.

Processing Community Hangout Japan featured #つぶやきProcessing on Aug/30/2020.


Processing Night in Brasil.

Mr. Alexandre Villares introduced #つぶやきProcessing and explore some codes with audiences on "Processing Night" in Brasil Jun/30/2020.
Noite de Processing.

The event recording.

Let's join in!

You can take up this challenge! And you'll have a lot of fun with it!
Please copy and use the hashtag below.


Example of mine.

Please feel free to use it, if you like it.
Creative Commons CC0.

void setup() {
  size(636, 636);

void draw() {
  for (float i = 0; i < PI; i += 0.05) {
    float r = sin(i)*200;
    ellipse(i*200, r+318, r, r);
    ellipse(i*200, -r+318, r, r);

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