October 2017

Image processing with polka-dots.

Close-Up Photography of Tabby Cat · Free Stock Photo Close Up of Brown Tabby Cat · Free Stock Photo   About this image manipulation...

22 Oct, 2017

An abstract painting using the Perlin noise.

Example results. Example images using 'blendMode(BLEND)'

14 Oct, 2017

Tried to express the blinding light reflection on a summer day.

Trial of an extremely large number of lines. A creative coding work made with the 'Processing'. It draws an image with a large num...

14 Oct, 2017

The creative coding manipulates the photo into a flamboyant image.

Image manipulation example with 'Tortie Cat'. http://www.photos-public-domain.com/2016/08/21/tortie-cat/ Image manipulation exampl...

8 Oct, 2017

Stretching saturation and makes the original image melting and burning.

Image manipulation example with the image from 'Gray Cat Looking Up'. https://www.pexels.com/photo/adorable-animal-cat-cat-s-eyes-...

7 Oct, 2017